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A new world is unfolding and it requires brave new leadership skills that you won’t find almost anywhere else. In our BRAVE Coaching Cohort, we train pastors, planters and socialpreneurs in the three indispensable leadership skills for this new world.

BRAVE Leadership Skills

Disruptive Innovation

Sociologically, culture reinvents every 18 months. It used to be every twenty years. Learning to successfully innovate in an ever-changing world is mission critical. We’ll train you in the practical innovation pathway we’ve created and how to use it in your context.

Movemental Leadership

Ultimately anything that’s about the Kingdom has a bent towards movement. But most of our leadership skill sets lean towards organization and institution and require a completely different kind of skill set for leadership. We’ll coach you on transitioning towards movement without blowing up your church, while sharpening your movement toolbelt as we go.

Spiritual Formation

Not only will we invest in your personal spiritual life and leadership, we’ll coach you in how to create a multiplying disciple-making culture in the place God has sent you to lead.



We kick off our Coaching Cohort at the 1717 Innovation Center in Richmond, VA



The BRAVE Coaching Cohort lasts for 12 months. Depending on holidays and the intersection of schedules, we sometimes add an extra month to ensure we’ve accomplished all of our deliverables.

Live Kickoff

The cohort begins with a 2-day live kick off in Richmond, VA. You’ll spend time in Doug Paul’s home and the downtown 1717 Innovation Center. We’ll have great meals, killer drinks and a quintessential Richmond experience.

Zoom Video

The rest of the coaching will happen online through the Zoom video platform. It happens twice a month, with each online call lasting between 80- 90 minutes. The platform requires no additional costs.

Next Steps

Each coaching call ends with simple next steps. We don’t believe in just talking about things, but actually doing the things we’re coaching on. We then start each call with follow-up on these practical next steps.

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