Disciple-Making Innovation Lab

This is something I’ve done with churches one-on-one for several years, but have just recently launched into a cohort form.

This is the idea: There are lots of disciple-making models you can import into your church; things like small groups, Missional Communities, curriculum or other things that were developed in someone else’s church. Maybe it works OK. Maybe it doesn’t. But what most pastors and churches need is something custom. The Innovation Lab exists to help you design and execute a brand new disciple-making model that is custom-built for your church’s calling and context.

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Free ebook: 10 Church Predictions for the Next 10 Years

I’ve spent the last 6 months of 2019 working with a cultural anthropologist to put together something that I think will not only be interesting, but wonderfully useful as we enter into the third decade of the millennium. 

In these bold predictions, we’ll explore:

  • Why Buildings will go Bust
  • How there is going to be an evangelistic explosion coming from two unlikely places
  • Why a certain word is going the way of the dodo

…and that’s just a little teaser.

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One of the things I do often with churches is help them build custom tools for discipleship, leadership and mission. Here’s an example of one we called The Jesus Pattern Tool. In addition to this video, we created a chapter, a napkin-sketch visual of the tool and a simple system for using it to help disciples grow spiritually. You can download the video for free by clicking below.

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6 Predictions that Didn’t Make the Cut

Recently, I released a 6-month project I worked on with a cultural anthropologist to make 10 Church Predictions for the next 10 Years. All told, we ended with a list of 31 predictions that we felt fairly confident in making. (You can download the PDF here.) But rather...

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