Ready or Not: Kingdom Innovation for a Brave New World

There was a time when Christians pioneered the future: From business to church, from mathematics to justice reform. Along the way, that redemptive, adaptive movement began to gild in gold the victories of the past, leaving us change averse and frozen-in-time.

But ready or not, the invitation is for kingdom leaders to reclaim their calling to innovate.

Weaving together stories with surprising twists, studies with striking conclusions, and spellbinding cultural analysis, innovation strategist Doug Paul unlocks the five phases of kingdom innovation. Practical, hope-filled, and endlessly readable, Ready or Not reveals that whenever God’s people have leaned into innovation, the world has shifted on its axis.


“Prepare to be surprised and delighted, and ultimately, roused to action.”
Mark Batterson, New York Times best selling author, Lead Pastor of National Community Church

“Provocative and compelling, this is an essential book to help us meet the moment.”
Will Mancini, author of Church Unique and Future Church,

“I will be recommending this book to every pastor or leadership team that I coach…”
Tod Bolsinger, author of Canoeing the Mountains

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