Speaking Engagements
& Podcasts

I regularly speak at conferences, workshops, podcasts, churches and in a number of other settings.

I tend to focus on the three skills leaders will need for the future:
Disruptive Innovation, Movemental Leadership and Spiritual Formation.


that helps find the future.


that helps ministries scale and flourish.


in an age of noise and distraction.

Here are a few of the talks I’ve given in the past, both for podcasts and speaking engagements.


*Finding the Future, Together

     18 min & 32 min versions


*5 Ways to Drive Innovation in your Culture

     18 min & 32 min versions


*Making Disciples in an Age of Deathly Distraction

     18 min & 32 min versions

*Jesus Doesn’t Have a Plan B

     18 min & 32 min versions


*Digital, Movement, and the Cheat Code for the Future

     18 min & 32 min versions


*Innovation Killers (and how to beat them for good)

     18 min & 32 min versions

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