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Date & Time: Tuesday, October 29 @ 2pm ET

Today we’re on an exponential curve in culture. Every 18 months, culture fundamentally change. For thousands of years, it’s been every 20 years that culture shifts like that. In other words, the most predictable thing about our life is that our culture will constantly change.

Today’s church leaders want to see innovation thrive in their churches so that everyone has access to the Gospel, but most often, innovation is thwarted and change is blocked.

In this FREE WEBINAR, Doug Paul and Rich Robinson are going to:

  • Explore some of the myths of innovation that work against us each day
  • Share why innovation is so hard in the church
  • Look at 3 practical ways to drive innovation in your church
  • Leave plenty of space for live Question & Answer so you can double click on your ministry context
  • Help each participant walk away with one action item they can implement within 24 hours of the webinar

We are limiting the number of slots in this webinar so we can have high engagement with participants, so you’ll want to reserve your seat ASAP.

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Doug Paul

Doug is an Innovation Strategist, brought in by organizations like the NewThing Network, Auxano, the ECO denomination, Exponential, 100 Movements, Crossroads Cincy, Younique and many others to help them find the future of the church through innovation in their place. He’s planted a multiplying missional church, was a Teaching Pastor at a mega church and successfully catalyzed a 7-generation discipleship movement, starting with 2 groups that led to over 750.

Rich Robinson

Rich not only led one of the largest churches in Europe, but in the last twelve years he helped launch centers for multiplication and training in 10 different countries, pioneering innovative breakthrough wherever he goes. He also serves with 5Q and co-leads the 100 Movements team, working with networks and denominations around the world.

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